Joy Sperry

Joy Sperry

Joy Sperry

Joining Date

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)


MES (Medical Exercise Specialist)


Health and Life Coach


From Wallace, Idaho, Joy graduated from Washington State University (WSU) on a PAC-10 Volleyball Scholarship. Joy’s collegiate career consisted of two National Championships at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI); MVP and All-America status at WSU. She subsequently obtained her Master of Athletic Administration from American Public University. Joy has dedicated her adult post graduate life to collegiate coaching, physical fitness, educating athletes/ clients of all ages and abilities to a healthy lifestyle. 

Contributing to her success on the volleyball court were the countless hours training in the weight room. Those hours resulted in her establishing a WSU Power Index record.  Additionally, as a Division I coach she has spent numerous hours in the weight room developing collegiate athletes.

As the manager of a wellness center, Peak Fitness, located in McCall, Idaho, Joy’s passion for physical fitness and assisting both gym members and her health coaching clients expanded.

Realizing that insurance coverage was insufficient to allow enough time for patients to complete treatment programs, she and a co-worker developed a Preoperative and Postoperative program for patients impacted by inadequate insurance coverage. As a result of her co-worker being a certified PRC (Postural Restoration Certified) Physical Therapist, she was mentored in this type of therapy and subsequently obtained her MES certification.

Consequently, Joy’s ability to illustrate to her client’s different manners of movement without excessive muscular compensation was achieved. Purposeful results driven programs became not only critical for her clients, but also became her mission. Joy coaches her clients to fully understand “The WHY’S” of their rehabilitative program. Teaching clients to understand why their limitations exist is critical in a rehabilitation program. Together, Joy and her clients will address their inefficiencies and build toward achieving goals that allow the individual to return to functional fitness performance at an improved level and do the things they love to do.

In her spare time, she enjoys the out of doors, hiking, fishing, and spending time with her dog Moose.

Personal Skills

Weight Lifting 90%
Cardio Training 50%
Fat Loss 85%
Activity 90%